Monday, December 2, 2013

MIMM: Thanksgiving Festivities

My friend Vanessa and I had plans to go to Palm Springs on Friday, but the rain killed our plans. Instead, we ventured into Black Friday. I didn't buy anything but enjoyed walking around the mall.

First things first, some MARVELOUS Nekter juice: pumpkin pie smoothie & the Greenie, both for me post-Thanksgiving.

We had a MARVELOUS time painting our nails with lots of glitter and watching a surprisingly odd but MARVELOUS movie, "Lifeguard." We chose it because of Kristen Bell and did not expect this to be what it was.

Saturday was MARVELOUS Friendsgiving

 It was also MARVELOUS Peter's belated birthday celebration. Now I can say I've known him for 20 years!

Reunited with old friends, met some new ones.

Sunday was the MARVELOUS Patchwork Festival in historic downtown Santa Ana. I obviously love going to these and we get to have 2 nearby. I snagged a "vegan spiced pumpkin & carrot cream pie" from Sugar Beak Bakery.

I woke up super late so ate a late lunch: MARVELOUS Thanksgiving leftover pizza from Mother's Market!

After some shopping with Vanessa, I met up with my friends Peter & Anthony for shrimp ceviche at Mario's. Perfectly full, and now I must go back to my normal eating patterns.

One of the things I'm learning from my past is that a few days "off track" isn't a big deal - I've worked out and eaten well consistently for 3 YEARS without fail!

Was there a lot of eating and drinking this past week? The drinking got me - I had 2 beers, quite a bit of wine, and some shots this week. Not bad actually...


  1. You enjoyed walking around the mall on Black Friday without plans to buy anything? Lol! I agree with the "off track" thing. We gotta live a little right!?

    1. I would never try to get in line. It would stress me out!