Sunday, December 8, 2013

MIMM: Nightlife, Day Tripping, and... Errands

This weekend had a little bit of everything: nightlife, day tripping, and the usual errands. I'm not much into staying out late anymore, but this was fun and more "mature" - we met up with some people from my friend's new office job.

Friday night was my friend's work party. She started this week and hadn't met anyone yet. They held it at the MARVELOUS The Federal Bar, an old bank turned restaurant and bar!

Upstairs was huge - a long bar where the tellers must've been, tall tables with stools, and then booths.

The private party was held downstairs and the food was set up in the old vault. They served MARVELOUS food: salmon, chicken, brocollini, salad, and new potatoes, cheeses, and I got 3 drink tickets - I got champagne.

In the vault is a door to an old speakeasy!

We played Blackjack and I learned to play craps, and received raffles for prizes. I won a... breakfast basket. It wasn't a very good basket, but I still won something.

Of course I made friends. :) We played pool at [almost-empty] The Port and then went dancing to island music at a crowded Hawaiian-themed Mai Tai.

Saturday was Unique LA, a holiday show that features local artisan goods and edibles. I love seeing all the creativity and MARVELOUS creations.

Beautiful venue too! We got 360 views of downtown LA.

On my way home, I stopped by The Pizza Press for a late lunch/early dinner. The location is hard to find, embedded between some motels. The pizza was MARVELOUS though - I built my own with sausage, salami, artichokes, pineapple, onions, and roasted red peppers.

I was tired and decided to stay home, drink wine, and finally watch "Despicable Me." It made me laugh and cry!

I considered going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday but didn't want to make the drive. Instead, I ended up doing what I usually do on Sundays: shop.

TJ Maxx was my first stop. I love it during the holidays - they have so many good things!

North Carolina-based Moon Rabbit Foods coconut flour

I don't eat many doughnuts but when I do, I go to Sidecar Doughnuts. It was on the way and they had new flavors.

Butter & salt, which was unassumingly MARVELOUS

Huckleberry apple

Has this ever happened to you? I walked out of Whole Foods with a pint of ice cream & a bar of chocolate!

Ciao Bella Pumpkin Sea Salt Caramel & Theo Nutcracker Brittle

Despite all my extravagant & MARVELOUS food purchases (not pictured), I made a mid-day green smoothie for lunch.

Afterwards, I headed over to visit family... they wanted to go shopping too.

MARVELOUS "Popular on Pinterest" cheetah print flats (and a pair of red suede flats) for $15

Mom bought me some MARVELOUS Clarks' mocassins/slippers from Ross for $12.99!

What was MARVELOUS about your weekend?
What kind of shoes do you wear on a day-to-day basis?


  1. Sidecar doughnuts are the BEST! Also, I don't blame you about the drive to Pasadena. I've been in Manhattan for a few months and do not at all miss the traffic :) They do have a pretty great flea market though. I don't like that you have to pay an entrance fee, but apparently the Pasadena City College one is free.

    1. Not much traffic on Sundays - will only travel to L.A. on the weekends. Thanks for the tip - I wonder how the Pasadena City College flea market is.

  2. Those donuts look and sound SO TASTY! I haven't had a donut in the longest time because I'm not a big fan of Dunkin' (prefer a fresh hot bakery donut)... I should fix that!

    1. Allison, the donuts at Sidecar are always hot! I love that. I do miss Dunkins coffee though, but apparently, we will be getting quite a few next year.

  3. That bar seriously looks freaking awesome! I want to be in this place immediately! Also the huckleberry apple doughnut is to die for :)

    1. There's another location in Los Angeles as well. I'm in love with it and can't wait to go back!