Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts: December to Remember

Today was my first day into the harsh world of day-to-day substitute teaching. I went to a new school site and taught a completely different population... and I liked it!

I got to work in a social studies classroom (my thing) and had a period of team-teaching with a special education teacher.

It was a good experience, I was able to chat with some teachers to market myself, and I'm once again confirming that I will fit in and love any school I work at.

Partway through the day, I got this message. I miss seeing this awesome student every day.

Afterwards, I of course immediately called my best work friend to tell her all about my experience.
I'm back to today's school site tomorrow for Geometry! Yikes.

But then I'm back to my school for more than a week, and I'll literally be across the hall. I'm really nervous to be so close to my students and not in the class with them.

I realized that while I miss the kids, having both me nearby and their "real" teacher back would be confusing. Going somewhere else today and enjoying it made me want to "get away" for a little. Yet I took the job because I was requested and I will work wherever I first hear from. I can't afford to be picky, but I will say that my heart will hurt being there.

Onto something less sad: I made a December to Remember list of things to do.

Some notes:
  • I tried to build some gnarly 1950s gingerbread houses once. That didn't work too well.
  • I bought cards on sale last year and now have to dig them up.
  • My former roommate and I will be watching "Love Actually" together over Skype. :)
  • I watched a ton of holiday movies during Halloween so... it's onto the lesser known ones. Suggestions?
  • It might be strange, but I'm drinking smoothies.
  • I still haven't read a book because of school.
  • I'll probably end up getting my former roommate something and my little cousin too.
  • It's time to try again - after lots of disappointment, I'm ready to get out there again!
What are you doing this December?

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