Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MIMM: KISS (Keeping It Simple on Saturday)

Finally a MARVELOUS day to relax! No school, no work, no obligations! You bet I slept in.

It was a hot one today so I spent time in the MARVELOUS backyard.

To stave off the heat, I made myself a MARVELOUS homemade green tea latte.

MARVELOUS Saturday at home wear:

Along with a Shakeology this morning, my cousin and I headed to Amorelia for lunch. I got carne asada steak, which was pretty good, but overall, I was disappointed by the menu and expensive prices for fancy Mexican food.

Other eats today: MARVELOUS Arctic Zero maple vanilla (my new favorite) with cinnamon on top, plain tart frozen yogurt with sunflower seeds from Yogurtland, and a NutriBlast with spinach, cuke, apple, pear, pineapple, & chia seeds.

Yeah, I bought a MARVELOUS NutriBullet. It was $99.99 at Target. 2 of my friends have it and rave about it. My first "NutriBlast" was not terrible - I think I expected more of a juice-like consistency though.

I baked 1/2 a sweet potato too.

I was still hungry. I made Stuft Mama's chocolate pumpkin goo.

I stocked up on my favorite Chobani flavor: MARVELOUS key lime. Crumble a 1/2 sheet of graham cracker & you're set! 2nd: lemon. 3rd: strawberry-banana.

I also stocked up on some MARVELOUS Emergen-C.

My MARVELOUS bathing suits came in the mail from Forever 21. They are both fine, but the blue one flattens. :(

Some MARVELOUS links this week:
How does your body signal to you it needs to relax?
How do you relax?

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