Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday thinking

It's 2 A.M. I took a longer than usual after work nap. Those have happened everyday this week. I then wake up, get in a quick workout from YouTube, and then make myself a green protein smoothie for dinner.

I'll then chat with he-who-shall-not-be-named or dad (not the same person) and do work until... 2 A.M.
  • I'm watching Happy Go Lucky but keep falling asleep to it. I love British movies though.
  • Writing a lesson plan and making a presentation on Reconstruction makes me miss the South.
  • My skin is a wreck. :(
  • I haven't purchased short board shorts for my bathing suit.
  • Wet Electric is on Saturday and I'm beyond nervous. This is the first of its kind for me!

I still find time to read blogs though. There is so much out there! Here are some of my favorites.
4 reasons why you don't have the body you want #1: bad relationships

Ways to get happy: yoga everyday even for a little bit, go for more walks, rest.

Why I don't need a work-life balance: I'm a proponent of this, but I also believe that if you can't find your passion, do your job and find passion elsewhere.

Things you need to know about love

20 things to do on your Saturday night in: movies, read a book, think of Halloween costumes. 

15 full body workouts under 15 minutes: I'm minimizing my workout time. 15 minutes isn't a lot. Do two.

Setting up new fitness goals: where did this weight-height ratio chart come from? It's semi-depressing. Wait, I only need to lose 5-7 pounds.

Fitness goals daily.

Maybe every little minute counts.

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