Monday, September 9, 2013

MIMM: Enjoy it for what it is.

I was cranky all last week. It wasn't work because I adore work. Instead, it was the invitations to hang out. I did it, but I was completely cranky on the inside. 

MARVELOUS Friday couldn't come any faster. I wanted to relax and sleep. Well, it didn't happen.

First, I took a 40 question multiple choice test to "move on" in my program. The test took me a whole 10 minutes. Had I known this, I would've taken it earlier. I forgot completely and now have to wait a month to take another class. :(

I attempted to take nap, but went to kickboxing class with a friend before wrapping my cousin's engagement offerings that night... and woke up early the next morning to carry them.

Scenes from Saturday:

Getting ready for my cousin's engagement ceremony. Of course there's a pig.

Our MARVELOUS decked out group.

My aunt and cousin Joe waiting outside to deliver the goodies.

My cousin Vic presenting tea, whiskey, & engagement ring to his fiancée.

The ceremony only last 2 1/2 hours thankfully. One of my cousin's fiancee's cousins is... one of my former students! Awkward.

I bought some new sleepwear (from Target). Love the galaxy trend, and it was perfect since I went to hang out with my physics-loving friend.
The mirror's dirty.

I came home 20 MARVELOUS hours later. 11 of those hours included sleeping. I also read a little, watched some movies and TV shows, talked politics, caught up on news, and learned to do physics in an attempt to be interested.

On Sunday, I headed to a BBQ for Angel's birthday. We had BBQ carne asada and chicken. Yum.

I broke my no-drink rule with a mix of Angry Orchard cider and Fireball. Just one though.

Lawrence brought some good wine too.

Great to be reunited.

I was able to drive home and sleep immediately.

I did have one quick and awkward conversation that I initiated.

New MARVELOUS product find: $6.98 for a 2 pack. I need to get in the habit of taking my makeup off better.

What are your favorite travel foods when it's hot and there's no cooler? I consumed two Quest bars for dinner. It's not ideal but better than my other options. I need other travel foods - nuts maybe?

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  1. haha my mirror is always dirty when I try to take cute pics too! Nuts and dried fruits are always good to keep on hand.