Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday & September goals

I started writing this post this morning at work but got preoccupied with work, a quick nap, working out, and then watching/hearing friends at open mic night. 

I wasn't especially excited to go to open mic for spoken word but enjoyed the freestyle and music that was involved. I even won a prize!

Thankful Thursday

Having a period off on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Though I'm extremely tired right now.  

Conversation with Liz, one of my best friends from college. She updated me on her life and we realized we've known each other for 8 years! I learned recently that I've become an amazing listener and dole out some good advice.

February 2007

October 2009

Conversations with my dad. So much for sleeping early, but it was totally worth it to vent to someone... everyone else just makes me listen to them. I'll go home immediately, take a nap, and get my workout in before heading to my friend's show.  

Sleeping more... going out less. For the most part.  

September goals
  • Get my teaching website up and going. I've actually started this today, on my free time.
  • Go to 2 school-related events outside of work. Must suck up somehow.
  • Read 2 books. Finish The 5 Love Languages. I brought it to work to finish.
  • Participate in 1 outdoor activity per week.
  • Get back on a sleeping schedule. So I can work out in the mornings again.
  • Sign up for the free boot camp at school. It starts at 5:30 every morning!
What are your September goals?

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