Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIAW: "All roads lead to Rome."

My first class gave me hell... I was done with them today. Thankfully, I love my world history class. They're rambunctious as well, but it's a small class and they're smarties.

We started talking about Ancient Rome today.

#treatyourselftuesday to gel nails and a pedicure

I took a quick nap then went to the gym. 15 minutes on the stair climber (before some yoga).

I stopped by Walmart. I hate going there but wanted pumpkin. No pumpkin but did find other interesting products:

Quick post-workout consumption:

Followed by a green smoothie, eventually, after I finished my teaching website! Yes, it's done!

I made some more pumpkin pie energy bites, and broke my NutriBullet. Thank goodness I can return it.

Since I have some time off from school (my own), I picked up a book:

What are you reading?
Have you seen the new nut butters?

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