Sunday, September 15, 2013

MIMM: Continuing the fun + Wet Electric

This was a jammed packed weekend! Let's start with some scenes from work.

One of my MARVELOUS students is a roller girl. I've always loved their style, especially after watching "Whip It."

The MARVELOUS progression in the life of a Spartan.
A MARVELOUS picture and even more MARVELOUS essay.

Was craving sushi and got some MARVELOUS but expensive riceless sushi.

MARVELOUS scarf with my Friday night outfit.

A couple of beers & shots with MARVELOUS new people
Yep, that's me taking creepy pictures again.

MARVELOUS new sandals while shopping for board shorts on Saturday morning.

I found a pair of shorts but ended up getting a pair from Julie. Pre-Wet Electric.

MARVELOUS albacore tuna poke from North Shore Poke Co.

No alcohol permit for a 21+ event? Left to go to the bars.

Four horsemen shots

Back to the semi-MARVELOUS festivities

Slept in and went to MARVELOUS AM yoga. I look graceful in yoga. I love my traps.

Back to some of those MARVELOUS oatmeal protein pancakes.

I live here: MARVELOUS sunny days and palm trees.

MARVELOUS dinner: virgin mojito + breakfast [for dinner] burrito (Ezekiel wrap, egg + egg white, avocado, cowboy caviar, and Laughing Cow) inspired by Sweat the Sweet Stuff.

I was inspired by my friend Marci who started her blog GOTO Meals to make more creative meals this time around. My dinner smoothies are not cutting it. :)


  1. You're always doing something fun! I wish we lived closer! I love ahi poke! I'm a little jealous of that right now! Haha.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was $5 at Charlotte Russe I think.