Friday, September 20, 2013

High Five Friday: Enough to cook

I'm giving myself the biggest HIGH FIVE this week!
Yesterday, a relationship ended and unlike in the past, I wasn't upset. I wasn't even surprised.

Yes, it was only 2 months old. But in my world where 6 months is the longest ever, that's a long time. Okay, it's not.

We became too close as friends. It got weird - I felt like a therapist. I was listening to problems, to him talking all the time. Conversations were one-sided. I'm totally okay with that as a friend though and we've already continued talking as such.

Also, I don't have to drive 30+ minutes to see him. I can finally commit to putting my his name in my phone book too.

And out of it, I realized I'm not shallow (because he was really attractive) and that I do want something more from a companion.

Alright, the rest of this more of a WIAW and not so much a High Five Friday. Guess I'll just have to cook more good lookin' food next week.

After work on Wednesday, I lazied around, napped for 30 minutes (not bad), worked out, and headed to dinner with co-workers. I got ceviche - there was so much I had leftovers!

HIGH FIVE for Open House was fun. I met and talked to parents and was told I have great energy and am really bubbly... not sure if that's good.

HIGH FIVE for seeing a friend for a quick minute, which gave me quite a bit of energy. That and I ate some of what I made.

Note: These are all recipes from my Pinterest. I actually went through and made a special list of recipes to make... since they've been pinned and ignored for so long.

I've been wanting to make these since I saw them: Oh She Glow's no-bake Elvis bars with Sunspire white chocolate.

HIGH FIVE for avocados appearing in the fridge so I made The Lean Green Bean's peanut butter avocado cookies.

HIGH FIVE for this pumpkin and paleo recipe: Elana's Pantry paleo pumpkin bars. Not as pretty, but they tasted like pumpkin pie/bread pudding out of the oven. Yummmm.

HIGH FIVE for something salty too: cilantro lime chicken with the leftover chicken before it went bad.

How many times per week do you food prep? I prep 2-3 times. The 3rd time is for the weekend.
What is your favorite pumpkin recipe? I'll make a post of my favorites and ones I want to make next week!


  1. I love to just open a can of pumpkin, dig a spoon in and shove it in my face!! ;)

  2. I usually food prep once a week on Sundays which lasts me through till friday. It's more of a free for all on the weekends until I food prep again!