Monday, September 23, 2013

MIMM: The beginning of fall

Today's MIMM is significant - it's the first of a new season [of my life]. I've looked forward to the fall after a crazy summer of parties, making friends, and miscellaneous adventures. It's not all going away, but it'll be calmer.

I updated to the MARVELOUS iOS 7. I like it. :)

My weekend kicked off with MARVELOUS pole dancing class on Friday night. I could climb the pole, even for a little bit. The only awkward part was the "free dance" during the last 5 minutes of class when everyone seemed to have something prepared.

Saturday morning, I met up with Rebecca for a MARVELOUS hike.

Turnbull Canyon was just down the road from her and we could see all the way to the ocean and parts of Downtown L.A.

Part of the hike gives a view of Rose Hills, a extravagant... cemetery?

The hike was an easy 3.5 miles and ended with a tagged up water tower.

I went to The Hat for the first time. I had no idea what it was, and when it was mentioned, I thought they were wanting to buy a real hat...

I got the pastrami sandwich on wheat, ate half and saved the rest.

Saturday night, I finally ventured to Newport Beach and the MARVELOUS SOL Cocina. I cannot believe this was my first time. Their drinks were fresh and really good - I had a farm fresh margarita (pictured) and a vanilla bean infused pineapple martini. I also shared a MARVELOUS hot & raw tropical ceviche that came with sweet potato chips... because wow, how could I resist??!

This was my outfit of the night. I committed to buying this dress and figure I should wear it more. It's a tough one to pull off with the stripes though.

First MARVELOUS day of fall was quite sunny here:

First stop, the swap meet for some nail polish strips.

Then MARVELOUS Sunday morning yoga and an attempt at pumpkin oatmeal protein pancakes. I came out with just one pancake intact though.

I went to the World Market because I wanted some fall inspiration and chocolate.

I've baked a bit more lately and force have my students try them. I made garbanzo bean blondies from Chocolate Covered Katie/Kitchen Queen Eats Clean's challenge on Facebook. The batter was thick but came out good. I still like these tofu brownies better.

I also made Elana's Pantry's Paleo bread that the Fitnessista was raving about. This was easy to make and delicious!

Sunday Funday concluded with doing my cousin and my nails. We used those MARVELOUS nail polish strips. My pattern choice doesn't look as nice... I hope these are better for my nails than gel nails.

And "Dexter." Goodbye friend. :(

What are you looking forward to this fall? Have you made your fall bucket list?


  1. Ooh I'm loving the new iOS too!!! Pole dancing classes seem like really fun, I've never tried it before but I'm pretty sure there is a studio nearby, maybe some day then. Love the dress, it looks great on you! The paleo bread looks absolutely delicious, hope it's really really easy to make or it'll be out of my abilities. Hope you've had a marvelous Monday!

    1. The recipe was really easy. It just calls for almond flour, coconut flour, flax, and eggs really - I put it all in a blender and poured it into a pan.

  2. It really doesn't get more marvelous than pole dancing LOL!

    Nice to hear your thoughts on CCK's blondies. I love her recipes but this one was not one of my favs...something was a little off but it may have been that I used too much stevia.

    1. I used stevia too. The recipe called for 1/3 Truvia as a substitute. I did that and put a bit of honey in there as well. What are your favorite recipes from her?

    2. The black bean brownies are amazing!!! Much better than the blondies :)

  3. That's awesome that you tried pole dancing! I would totally do it if I had a class near me. Is that restaurant the place you and Gena were talking about at dinner when I was in Cali?

    1. Gena may have mentioned it, but I've never been here. It was fantastic though!

  4. Ah pole dancing?! So fun! I heard it's actually a fabulous workout, too. And girl, that sandwich looks fabulous! Mmmm!

    I also went to World Market this weekend for some fall fun. Can't go wrong :)

    1. My arms were sore from climbing! There's a lot of stretching as well.