Sunday, September 29, 2013

Friday date night & Sunday Funday

 Made the Fitnessista's apple pie smoothie for breakfast on Friday to celebrate fall.

First time trying this flavor - didn't love it. The lemon flavor was too artificial.

I still love these nail stickers - they didn't come off all week!

Friday date night in my favorite dress

We ate 4 plates of Korean BBQ, drank this soju, and then headed to dive bars for beers, pool, and shuffleboard - I, of course, made new friends while there. :)

Sunday funday errands:

No nail polish stickers at the swap meet this week. Bought magnetic polish instead.*
*Should've read the instructions first.

Yogurtland had both pumpkin pie AND peanut butter yogurt! Those are my favorites!

Meal plan got done too:
  • Monday-Friday breakfast: Shakeology w/ 1/2 banana & frozen cherries, slice of toast w/ almond butter or Laughing Cow
  • Monday-Thursday lunch: no-butter butter chicken and steamed broccoli
  • Monday-Thursday dinner: shrimp spring rolls (no noodles) w/ avocado
  • Monday snack: key lime Chobani
  • Tuesday-Friday snack: homemade pumpkin pie yogurt
  • Friday lunch: haven't figured that out yet
What are you making this week? I only cook for myself so there are tons of repeats.

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