Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIAW: Gimme carbs

My greatest feat ever: oversleeping till 8 A.M., getting ready in 5 minutes, and being at work by 8:15 A.M. That's talent.

This weekend was full of drinks and eats. I limited myself to drinking on Friday and slept a lot to recover from Blend and a crazy work week. All that uninterrupted sleep made me forget that I had to wake up for work!

Okay, onto What I Ate Wednesday with the wonderful Jenn...

On Saturday, after yoga, I stopped by the farmer's market and Seabirds food truck for the best sweet potato fries. I was disappointed today by the size and the first one I ate was raw. :( 99% of the time, the sweet potato fries are amazing.

Clearance almonds - plain, jelly-glazed almonds, and buttery-glazed peanuts. These were a tad too sweet and thus, not a winner like the Blue Diamond almonds. Another :( face.

Applegate on sale was a winner! I got both hot dogs and bacon.

Clearance again! I'm such a bargain shopper.

Yes, this was on sale too. 99 cents!

Not on sale but recommended by the lovely Sweat the Sweet Stuff and the Mexigarian. I love seedy bread!

Not on any clearance or recommendation but this is one of my favorite ice cream of all time.

I used up all the coupons from Blend to nab most of this... save the greens, items on clearance, and avocados.

So yes, I'm not on 100% Paleo anymore and I saw some adverse effects like bloating, but my legs, particularly the pesky inner thigh area, has less flab! 

What is your favorite bread? Please tell!

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  1. That kettle corn sounds SO amazing! I love finding new and different snacks :).