Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blend Retreat Recap #2

So after a day of fitness and shopping at Blend 2013, we needed some food and beer.

We stopped by Wasatch Brewery when we "saw" everyone else's pictures.

There was already a group of blends there, including our suitemates.

Alex and I partook in some beer. She likes them dark while I like them in the middle. I went with the apricot hefeweizen that smelled glorious and almost like an air freshener. I suppose that could be gross huh?

We were set on Vinto for dinner. What better to go with beer than some pizza?

Full Sail isn't really local - it's from Oregon - but I loved it. Dare I say I liked it more than the apricot hefe?

We heard about Java Cow and headed back up Main Street after dinner. It was a tough walk after some beers, but we were entertained by Park City's finest stores.

I've never met so many people who liked coconut and chocolate, and Java Cow delivered with Almoond Joyus.

We headed up to Janetha's suite for Momma B's Utah scones, which are essentially delicious beignets! I had a couple as well as some cookies Christine brought from Milk Bar in our suite.

The Laurens (that would be Kitchen Queen Eats Clean & Sweat the Sweet Stuff) and I headed down to the hot tub. Such a great idea! Not only was it steamy, it soothed my sore muscles.

I had no plans of waking up early for the GPP Fitness workout, but everyone was awake so I headed down barefoot - I ditched my muddy shoes after the hike.
(via Bobbi from nHerShoes)

The Living Proof tanks in our bags were so comfortable as was our Blend shirts. Don't you love our soccer team-esque pose?

I'm going to need another one!

Also, thanks to Ali and Madi Moll, our amazing Salt Lake City/Utah-based suitemates for giving us all lululemon headbands.

Chobani provided breakfast, including the Chobani Bite and Flip. I loved the fig with orange zest bite, and hope we get them in stores soon.

While in line for an omelet, most of us ate the rest of our food - I nibbled on Chobani perfect pancakes and berries. I inhaled the chicken sausage, goat cheese, and veggie omelet within 2 minutes of sitting down.

We packed then headed downstairs to the closing ceremony.

Lindsay brought Blue Diamond almonds and we loaded up!

I had such a fantastic time with these ladies, most of us first timers.

I was so sad to see the retreat end. It went by too quickly - another day would have been nice.

But wait, I have one more recap of post-Blend and lessons learned.

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  1. It was so awesome to meet you girl and glad you had a great first time at Blend!! You are too cute! See you next year??

    PS What the heck is that picture with the mannequin..?? lol!

    1. It was a fur store on Main Street! Yes, I HAVE to go next year. I already miss it!

  2. Ha I love that you posted the beaver pic! It was great meeting you. I had a blast!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I didn't post the picture with the other Lauren in it though. I had so much fun and miss you ladies already. One of the best vacations and decisions to go ever!

  3. Oh my GOLL what am I doing in that tricep dip photo?!?! I look like I'm howling in pain, but I actually felt pretty strong then. Perhaps when I felt like I was going to die doing Burpees there is a photo of me looking like I can conquer the world?

    Still so happy we met and were able to spend so much time together. I swear that pizza was amazing...but even better on the plane ride home. [Something about leftover pizza...and that crust!]

    1. Sarah, I'm so glad I got to meet you. You were so freaking awesome and fun and that picture just shows it.