Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week in review & gearing up for Blend

Happy Wednesday Friday! I had this post all ready to go on Wednesday, but the day got away from me. Looks like I only have time to post on Fridays now.

Attempted to go shopping for clothes on Sunday and no luck. I did get hungry and ate The Caveman from Meat Headz Sandwich Shop, my new go-to.

Because it was Mother's Day, I got some cards, champagne, and nail polish for my aunts.

Mom in jewel tones

Mom and I finally made and drank sangria using $1.99 Charles Shaw wine from Trader Joe's, some frozen tropical fruit, and oranges from the backyard.

Yoga in the afternoon after sleeping in

Back to work on Monday and an early meeting.

Tuesday 6 AM WOD that included all skill work: pistol squats, handstand push ups, and Turkish get-ups. I can only get pistol squats if I hold my leg like the ladies on the bottom left.

Also on Tuesday: 2 meetings. I'm almost done with them!

Wednesday 6 AM WOD, work, and night class. Plus, more Caveman with roast beef. Yum.

Thursday standardized testing went well I provided my kiddos with gourmet bagels and got some reading done for class. Then I headed to my other work where they're holding an Anatolian Festival this weekend. It's a little cheesy for my taste.

Sadly, I'll be missing the homebrewer competition this weekend though.

And now it's Friday and the Blend Retreat! I had to change my flight to a later time so won't get there till later. I'm super nervous about being late. I am also just half packed and have to leave right after work... Somewhere someone wrote a list of what to pack and I need to find it ASAP.

I'm Attending Blend

I'm not bringing my laptop with me on this trip, but will have tons of pictures when I get back (I hope!).

What's keeping you busy this weekend?
Have you ever gone to a blogger conference/retreat? This is my first one ever!

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  1. Don't stress about being late! This is my first blogger conference too, but I'm sure it will be fine :) Looking forward to meeting you tonight!