Friday, May 10, 2013

High Five Friday: First week & life is getting better and better

My lack of posts this week? The busiest schedule I've had and the best in a long time.

I started my long-term sub position. I led two meetings, did tons of paperwork, and you know, actually teach.

The teacher set me up with lesson plans for the first week and we had way too much downtime.

We had Vietnam War veterans come to speak to the class, which was fantastic. The students loved it.

I also went to my other job, went to CrossFit a couple of times during the week + one yoga class, took 2 rest days, took one nap, went to a 4.5 hour class, and went out with my CrossFit girlfriends... on a weeknight! We all left by 11:30 because we had WODs and jobs to get to.

Every morning, I eat at work. Usually, it's sunflower seed butter with organic jam, both from Trader Joe's, on Julian Bakery's paleo bread.

Food prep went away once the week started and I was super busy. I ate [healthy] without really thinking about it. Now that's intuitive eating!

Banana "ice cream" with cardamon, nutmeg, and ginger

Chili over sweet potatoes

Teacher appreciation day at Chipotle - Paleo carnitas bowl and this almost-Paleo chicken bowl (corn is not Paleo)

I replaced my obsession with healthy eating with my obsession for working with students. I love my kids and I've e-mailed, called, and talked to so many students/parents/teachers/administrators this week. I love it so much that it's Friday night and I can't sleep because I always want to do more more more!

I'm rewarded with awesome students who tell other teachers how awesome I am, parents who thank me, and the opportunity to prove myself. So far so good even though classes haven't been perfect - I may have been called a bitch, but that comes with the territory.

Now I must get some rest because I have homework to do for my new class :( and boot camp to go to in the morning.

Life is getting good...

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