Friday, May 3, 2013

High Five Friday: A Week of Firsts

HIGH FIVE for lamb meat. This was leftover from making those awesome paleo dolmas and was delicious. Now that summer is here, I could eat outside too.

HIGH FIVE for my first full wheel pose ever! I've been doing yoga for awhile, on and off, and got a Groupon for CorePower yoga. Level 2 suits me well and the heat helped me get into full wheel. Oh yeah, I'm almost there with splits too!

Open-faced breakfast sandwich and all ready to take my "final exam" for my online class. I had the whole set-up: textbook and notes ready. The exam was 10 multiple choice questions that I took in less than 10 minutes, only because I had to double check. HIGH FIVE for an 100% on my "final exam."

One last assignment before the end of this class - it's a tough one. Fortunately, I've had the chance to work on it at work (the school) and get all of tomorrow to work on it. 

HIGH FIVE for handstand push ups. I went after work and P.S., I love this group of people too, especially since they're more awake in the afternoon. With lots of help and encouragement, I got upside down and did them. The hardest part was to commit - I needed to kick up with more force.

And, HIGH FIVE for my first Rx. I've Rx'ed when Rx was the only level, but this was the first time I legitimately Rx'ed!

Thursday's WOD "Ponce" 
3 Rounds
12 Box Jumps 24/20
400 M Run
21 KB Swings G/Y

In good time too. I could have done Fire Breather with 24" box jumps (doable) and 800 M run (sucks but doable as well)... small steps though.

After the WOD, I was starving and realized I had no protein at home. I stopped by the 99 Cent Only store and bought pouches of salmon. I should pick up more for work.

HIGH FIVE for the weekend, which will include a fundraiser party for Cinco de Mayo and my cousin's dance performance.

HIGH FIVE for next week in which I begin my long-term sub assignment. I cannot put into words how I excited I am! It's not all mine, but it's a big step for me to get a glimpse of the dream. :)

I've become less nervous, more confident, and in need of some supplies, mostly food rations and water for all that time in class. 

What are some firsts for you this week?
What makes you excited?

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  1. I've been reading articles lately on how lamb is better for reducing belly fat than lean chicken - your dish looks so good! I find it tough to find off-the-bone lamb in restaurants... jealous that you can cook it :)