Monday, May 20, 2013

MIMM: Blend Retreat Saturday Part 1

Blend Retreat: I was nervous but too tired to be.

After work on Friday, I got on the plane in my cocktail dress and headed to Salt Lake City.

I rented my first car and drove to Park City.

The resort was gorgeous, and it was nice to get some time alone with the suite. A full kitchen, washer/dryer, and a wine fridge!

I headed downstairs for dinner. Sadly, I missed cocktail hour... and I was too hungry to take pictures of food.

*"Too hungry to take pictures" was the theme of the weekend. Thankfully, others had more self-control and I will link to them when the pictures are available.

I picked out some wheat berry salad, halibut, and grilled chicken. Plus some wine and dessert of course, including Chobani panna cotta!

I nabbed a seat with some awesome ladies, took photo booth pictures with Christine & Laura, and accidentally met some of my roommates: Alex, Mollie, Laura, and Sonia.

We headed upstairs, got in jammies, and chatted before falling asleep early. Um, awesome! I love that 11 P.M. is considered late for everyone else too.

In the morning, we got up to head to boot camp led by GPP Fitness. If you read Janetha's blog, you know all about them. We did the deck of cards workout, which kicked my butt: squats, burpees, push ups, and sit ups.

Chest to floor burpees - see me in the red all the way on the floor?

Breakfast was next. It's already my favorite meal, but Blend took it to another level. There was a spread of fruit, Chobani, bagel options, and Muesli Fusion.

Though the weather outside was frightful, our suite picked the ProBar hike over Zumba.

Getting ready to hike!

The muddy mile to the trail head was rough... I might as well have been doing a mud run. The hike itself wasn't bad and the views were stunning.

Mountains make me feel so insignificant.

Hiking buddies Lauren, me, Ali, Madi, and Lauren

The whole group

I got a chance to chat with Mollie, our suitemate Lauren, and the hilarious Sarah Pember!

When we finished and got hot showers, Laura came back from her 90th marathon in 4 years! I have never heard of such a feat! What a stud!

There was also another nice surprise for us in our suite:

...and some NatureMade B12!

We had a snack break courtesy of Onnit: chocolate protein shake samplers prepped by Miss. United States 2012 and rice cakes with a special blend of nut butters. Mmm, how did you know we all liked nut butters?!

We're eaters though and headed to Whole Foods for a late lunch. I had carne asada which again is unpictured becaused I was too hungry.

Then it was time to do what girls do on a girls' weekend: shop!

We headed to TJ Maxx, our favorite, and the Tanger Outlets. 

Say hello to the denim jacket crew: me, Lauren from Kitchen Queen Eats Clean, and Mollie from Mollie's Sprinkles of Life.

So I met lots of great people and drank lots and lots of coffee this weekend and little water. It's getting to my head! Time for bed and another recap tomorrow.


  1. Awh I'm so sad I missed it. It sounds like you had a blast, and the scenes from the hike look so gorgeous! :)

  2. It was SO great to spend time with you this weekend! Thanks for thinking I'm hilarious. :)

    Hope you are recovering. I'm pretty sure I'm going to face plant on my bed after work today.

  3. Julie, SO great to meet you and I hope I wasn't too much of a disturbance with the stupidly early morning wakeup! Thanks for being an awesome suitemate and I hope we get to meet up again soon!

  4. Go Laura, that is amazing!

    I am so happy you got to go to BLEND, such a fun time! Glad you had a blast girl!!

  5. LOL! I know, dehydrated indeed! coffee addict here. Wish i could have caught up more with you. Next year, yes?! xxoo

  6. Loved this recap Julie! Makes me miss you and my other Blends. Can't wait for next year!!

  7. Finally catching up on life since moving the week after Blend and then spraining my ankle - ugh!

    It was so great to meet you at Blend!!