Friday, May 24, 2013

High Five Friday: Post-Blend & fixations

High Five for not looking too shabby in the Blend Retreat photos. I'm self critical but who isn't?
(props to Heather for making this gif and for making my arms look buff)

High Five for going to Blend Retreat this past weekend and making friends in real life. I miss them like crazy.

Sonia, me, Mollie, and Alex
(via Alex)

High Five for eating healthy and normal. So, my "Blends" are probably a healthier set than most, but they eat Greek yogurt and carbs, both of which I avoided when going Paleo for a month. I already eat Paleo 80% of the time normally anyways so really, there's no need to strain myself. 

Blends eat pizza

Post-hot yoga, I wanted something cool. I had some Greek yogurt before I could prepare some Plant Fusion chocolate raspberry with frozen banana, Silk PureAlmond, and spinach. I wanted a cool pre-bed snack and made myself another one.

P.S. The Smart Kitchen wrote the perfect blog post on fixating on food and fitness. Blend and my new though temporary job has given me the opportunity to recall my other abilities and passions in life.

On that note, High Five for fixating on teaching. I work longer-than-I-should hours and come home and continue working and thinking about work.

High Five for getting through the weekend post-Blend. While Blend was one of the best experiences in my life and exactly what I needed (no joke) and I got some quality sleep, I didn't get much in terms of quantity. It was go-go-go.

High Five for finishing my homework. Yes, it was hard to even do a one-page reflection this week... and I have more to do for next week. Good thing there's a 3-day weekend.
High Five for sitting through an hour and a half meeting, which included almost 45 minutes of one teacher talking about nothing. I had to miss my class though so I was pretty upset.

High Five for attempting to make cool lessons for my U.S. history class. This would work better in a general education setting.

High Five for not freaking out about not working out enough this week. Same with eating, I am guilty of fixating on working out. All in all, I went to a long hot yoga class on Tuesday and yoga again today. That's it, and I have no time for anything tomorrow. I do want to show my face at my standard boot camp and CrossFit at some point this weekend though.

Top from Gap that Lauren suggested

This weekend, I'll be...
What are you doing this weekend?

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