Monday, June 3, 2013

MIMM: #yogainspace & Patchwork Take 2

After 3 months, I went to TurboKick. I was addicted to TurboKick for 2 years after my Zumba addiction. I dripped in sweat and my heart was through the roof every time. 

My body got tired though and my feet started to hurt. I stopped going to TurboKick and major forms of cardio regularly a year ago. The past 3 months, the most cardio I've done is run 1 mile.

After Saturday, I don't foresee myself going back. I have not seen adverse affects from less cardio.

I do see myself going back to Meat Headz quite often. I'm trying to eat in to save money, but I did get this paleo sandwich for 50% off. :)

I was late to learn about the #yogainspace challenge but started when I woke up. 

Front of the house with blooming hydrangeas

In the backyard. Check out my thick legs. Not ashamed - they're getting more defined!

I was starving after the photos! I made myself a 3 egg white omelet with shredded chicken, spinach/kale/chard, and avocado with Tapatio & Sharone Hakman's BBQ sauce.
Note to self: I need to work on my sauce game. I should invest in good BBQ sauce or ketchup.

Eating outside with the dogs on an overcast day

Yes, it's almost summer but my coffee with leftover Dunkin Donuts gingerbread flavor.

Off to yoga in my Old Navy outlet-purchased lululemon rip-off. Less than $15! In other news, that bra I'm wearing is 4 years and on its way out. :(

I rolled with regular yoga today with one of my favorite instructors and killed it!

Hunger struck immediately after so I picked up some Chobani.

I LOVE patterns!: tried on yoga pants at TJMaxx and bought Bungalow 360 bags for me, mom, and my cousin, in that order.

Mom and I went to the Patchwork Arts & Craft Festival in Long Beach

Ukelele players!

Lots of dogs

Some houses on our walk to the festival:

Springtime and purple

I love desert plants! I have no idea what these are called though.

Someone is obsessed

Everything about this dinner is right: blueberries, cottage cheese, protein powder, ice/water, hidden greens, and some crushed graham crackers on top. Recipe here.

I bought a Costco-sized bag of frozen blueberries. Suggestions?

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