Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toughin' it out

Interview #1 was bright and early yesterday. After a shaky start, which wasn't too bad because the questions were straight-forward, I started to be more verbal. 20 minutes is such a short time! It'll be harder to fit everything in tomorrow when my interviewers know less about me.

Now I sit and wait. The principal does a second interview, but she's actually on vacation so that may slow the process.

Should I have revealed to the world via social media that I have these interviews? I'll be embarrassed if I get neither. At the same time, I couldn't hold it in and I got a lot of support from friends and co-workers. They sent me interview questions, texts, and my mom even bought me a new dress for the interviews.

I'm not actually worried about being embarrassed as I am about not getting either position. I have a knack/niche for teaching and the school who gets me would be lucky. It's common knowledge.

After some thought, I considered that yesterday could have been a courtesy interview, but the one today is not and that they are actually more interested. I can literally walk to my interview and it would take me less than 5 minutes.

If all was equal, I would stay with my current school - I love the students and I love the staff... and my students would totally be devastated. I've been in this situation before though and I adjusted completely fine. No matter where I end up, I will love it and I will excel.

Onto less serious things...

I didn't forget about the squat challenge.

Work and homework kept me busy all day... until now.

My little cousin entertained me though.

And took silly pictures of me.

I'm fierce. Hah.

Selfie. Not looking so bad. Maybe one day it'll be closer up. 

Easy-to-digest foods are doing wonders on my tummy: smoothies/shakes, a sandwich with protein, Quest bars, and protein pancakes. I've pretty much cut out meat except chicken because it's so hard to digest.

So yeah, can I be Paleo without the beef? Those heavy meals really did a number on me.

I occupied myself with work, school work, "MasterChef," and a workout this morning.

Howard is hot, but Lynn deserved to stay.

 Cardio: step with weights makes for a good sweat session.

How long did it take you to hear back from an interview?
How do you deal with tough situations, or the waiting game?

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