Monday, June 24, 2013

MIMM: Typical summer weekend?

My #yogainspace challenge has stalled because no one will take pictures of me anymore.

I tried to take some MARVELOUS ones of my own.

On bad days, I remember that I'm strong, talented, and full of passion and love for those who are worth it. Emo much? MARVELOUS? Yes. :)

 Case in point:

Mom: "Go get the bag of rice."

Thanks CrossFit. I actually went on Friday for kettlebell swings, lateral jumps, and pistols!

Friday was literally and figuratively the longest day ever. I despise office work.

First real meal in days pre-"Man of Steel" at Mother's Market. I ate the sandwich open-faced and it was MARVELOUS!

"Man of Steel" was long, not the best superhero movie and I didn't think the actor was hot either. You?


MARVELOUS 3.8-mile Saturday morning hike with some new friends and some rocks to climb.

Escondido Falls in Malibu was rather dried up though.

The MARVELOUS lemongrass chicken salad sans dressing at Greenleaf Chopshop

We headed to a Korean spa to relax. It was definitely not what I expected. We showered, sat in the hot tub, and tried the "ice room."

We spent a few hours there then got a message about some beer pong and fun.

I played 7 games and only lost one! Return of the beer pong queen?!

My partner was the guy in red for 4 games. 

I took the girls home then returned to continue hanging out.

Always a MARVELOUS time with these guys! The guy in blue and I beat the two guys in black twice!

I managed to wake up for power yoga with my MARVELOUS instructor, Robert.

Excuse the dirty stovetop - my mom bought me a MARVELOUS new pan. Not as pretty as my old one, but it works!

I immediately used the pan. I hadn't eaten since that salad yesterday at 3 P.M.!

Post-yoga breakfast: oatmeal protein pancakes with banana slices. Prettiest I've ever made them!

Guess I had too much fun and beer to remember to eat!

With that said, it's time to get to work and prepare myself for some interviews! Eeek!

What's your favorite superhero/superhero movie?
How did you celebrate summer solstice?

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