Friday, June 14, 2013

High Five Friday: Gradual/Graduation

HIGH FIVE to my seniors for graduating. I was likely the most attentive teacher there!

HIGH FIVE for hanging out with teacher-friends. The staff was crazy - I had 1.5 tequila shots, vodka tonic, shared a whiskey ginger, and 2 rum & diet Cokes... and only paid for one!

HIGH FIVE for waking up Friday morning and going to yoga. This picture makes me feel okay that I'm down to 4-5 days of working out per week.

Obligatory #yogaspace

I get into phases when I work out. Yoga has been it lately. 

I'm hoping to get back into CrossFit next week, especially since I pay big bucks for it.

HIGH FIVE for going to work today too. Now that school is over, I'm in fair mode for the next few months.

HIGH FIVE for job applications. I'm practicing my faith and apply for more.

Last time I applied for a job was in February! I don't know why I gave up so quickly - I only applied for positions for 2 months.

Though I met someone who has my exact credentials... and this his THIRD summer of applying for jobs. :(

HIGH FIVE for seeing my friend Jess off to Europe for the summer. I'm jealous! We celebrated with a Lime-A-Rita and homemade pizza.

What do you give yourself a high five for this week?

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