Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five Friday: #yogaspace

High Five for completing my teaching application! A day of contemplating questions and I clicked submit. Cross your fingers and send good thoughts!

High Five for going to bed at 7:15 and waking up at 5:45 the next morning! That didn't stop me from taking a 2 hour nap the next afternoon. Of course, I couldn't go to bed till 2 A.M. though.

High Five for CrossFit at 7:45 P.M. I like going at the different class times to meet everyone; I also see the different performance levels. 

With CrossFit, I'm still kind of in the middle. Running is good because of the short distances, and I'm not too shabby with weights but could be stronger if my form was better.

The workout "Peralta" included burpees, box jumps, and overhead squats. I did a few squats with 55 lbs but did the workout with 35 lbs. I ended up finishing super quick (6:57) in comparison to the 10 minutes it took everyone (male and female). I'm sure I could do 55 lbs if I took my time and was more warmed up.

Can you find me?

Because I slept so early on Monday night, I had to catch up on #yogainspace. High Five for sticking in there!

Day 3: wild thing take 1

Take 2 outside

I need to work on Day 4: warrior 2.

Attempt at day 5, but I just look dead tired or drunk.

Day 6: crow pose

High Five for a new brand/non-chocolate flavor after seeing Kitchen Queen Eats Clean's clean treat. So refreshing!

Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss in pineapple coconut

Last week, the students made salsas and guacamoles. One of the guacamoles was chocolate mole. I processed an avocado and added cocoa powder and stevia. Not as good as theirs but less ingredients I presume.

Avocado, cocoa powder, stevia

High Five for the return of the oatmeal protein pancakes! Remember how I ate these for a month straight last September? I gave them up when I went Paleo, but they're back... with blueberries!

High Five for pre-bed time mug cake recipes from Kiss My Broccoli and Sweat the Sweet Stuff.

Peanut butter pumpkin cake for one

What are your favorite recipes with blueberries?
What high fives are you giving yourself this week?


  1. Everybody is mugging cakes lately!

    Must. Do.

  2. I really like your blog and I can relate to your story so much!
    Those blueberry pancakes look pretty good but that avocado mousse looks even better (:
    Btw, nice crow pose