Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIAW: Whoa. Timeout.

11 hours of work, an hour of hip hop dance, and an hour of power yoga on Monday with 3 hours of sleep.   
6.5 hours of work, an hour drive to L.A., and dinner with Blends. 7 hours of sleep, maybe.  
Today: an hour of yoga, an hour of BodyPump, and a lot of rest before class tonight.
I was hungry on Monday and didn't eat immediately. I overdosed on green beans and felt sick the rest of the day. Still, I applaud myself for making it to the gym.

A salad sans dressing on Tuesday from Corner Bakery made me feel bloated. I didn't feel like having dinner, but I met up with some Blends in Culver City. Gena lives in the same area so we carpooled to meet up with Lauren, who was in town from Washington, and Stephanie.

They chose an amazing restaurant, LYFE Kitchen. I picked a grilled chicken sandwich sans bun and ate half my baked sweet potato fries, along with unsweetened hibiscus tea. I felt a lot better. Weird, huh?

In any case, my body totally sent me a message that it's torn up from the last week. I had drinks and/or "different," not bad, food on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday... and yesterday. The lack of sleep hasn't helped either.

Regardless of the fun I had, I needed to consume some easy-to-digest foods today and even considered all juices. Except, that's killer. So this was today:
I returned to some gym classes this week. It may not be the most effective, but it's convenient (literally 1 minute away if I drive) and it's easy on my mind (just do it) so I'm okay with it.

Physical activity is good, period.

Plus, I still challenged myself by attempting to squat 55 pounds for 3-4 minutes. Now that was killer. I also went heavy early on the back track and unfortunately felt completely weak and tired for arms.

Do you do different workouts or are you committed to just one?

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  1. So jealous that you got to go to LYFE Kitchen! I've recently had the chance to try their new grocery freezer meals and they are really fantastic... now I want the real thing :)