Sunday, April 21, 2013

MIMM: First free (of work) weekend

More Paleo eats, including chicken, avocado, & kale/spinach/chard in raw seaweed.

MARVELOUS coconut-sprinkled chocolate-covered coconut butter-stuffed Fuji apples

I nabbed this book from work. I LOVE mid-century modern. Speaking of modern history, I'm beginning to lesson plan for my assignment next month! I can't stop planning either - its been so long!

My strength wraps came in on Friday and I got to use them on Sunday. We did so many power cleans that I'm not sure how helpful they really were.

Paleo or not? This NadaMoo ice cream is fantastic. In any case, this weekend was a cheat weekend. I had a beer at my cousin's birthday BBQ where she also got engaged!

Toasted Paleo bread fulfills my craving for turkey sandwiches

Pet Expo at work. This is Scooter, the miniature horse(?).

My llama friends again...

Blisters bursted from knee tucks for the Team Paleo Challenge. P.S. We pulled ahead to first place!

Sunday's Hero post-WOD class picture:
I need to go on weekends more often to see everyone. I should and do look terrible. I'm right in the middle in red with my pal Bobby Sue/Vinh.

Since I quit my night job, I had to use up my 40% discount at Van's. I bought my little cousin a new pair (left), my aunt got a pair of classic blues, and mom and I got the same pair of peachy-orange shoes (right).

Return of the sweet potato chili fries! This didn't taste the same as I just throw spices in, but it was still good.

We took Sunday off Paleo too. I ate Paleo except for bites of this pumpkin spice Front Porch Pops from the back of the fridge.

Back to Paleo tomorrow after a whole weekend off. I made some Paleo sushi by hollowing out cucumber slices then inserting chopped chicken with Tapatio and avocado.

...and back to waking up at 5 A.M. to hang out with my 6 A.M. CrossFit crew. Thankfully, I have more afternoons/evenings off for... lesson planning and homework?

What's your favorite decade?


  1. OMG! Your paleo sushi looks amazing!!!! Make me a roll!!

    Glad you had a great weekend! <3

  2. omg that paleo sushi looks out of this world!!

    1. It was surprisingly good. I don't like the inside of the cucumber because it's so soft so this was perfect!

  3. I've been dying to make those apple bites! Were they as good as they look? Umm the paleo sushi sounds soo good! I bet it's great with tuna too!

    1. Make them! They are fantastic. The Paleo sushi is a great appetizer too.