Monday, April 15, 2013

MIMM: April goals, San Diego, & Team Paleo Challenge

Wow, it's halfway into April and I never did my goals for the month. I've been super busy and slacking off on the posts.

Want an idea of how busy I am? This is my schedule from 6 AM to 9 PM from the week. :( Actually, it's MARVELOUS because I'm always busy and not bored. It does get overwhelming sometimes.

Okay, back to those goals. Here were my March goals.
  • Get an A in my first class! Did it and it was a high A. I slacked off that last week while on vacation though.
  • Read a book. This just didn't happen. I'm not sure when I'll have time, but I'd like to read Wild and 13 Reasons Why.
  • Go to CrossFit 3-4 times per week. I average 2-3 times per week and do intend to go more. I have to commit to waking up at 5 for the 6 A.M. class or go later, which I have yet to do. I'm doing less cherry-picking, especially now that I can actually able to jump rope and do wall walks. Jump roping just clicked one day and wall walks just started happening. I'm definitely getting stronger. Besides waking up early, I'm having pain in my right arm from work. :(
  • Keep budgeting! I saved and spent the allotted amount on vacation. San Francisco wasn't too expensive.
  • Enjoy my trip to San Francisco. San Francisco is now my favorite city. It's paradise. I want to live there if only I could find a job there. I had fun walking, taking public transportation, eating, drinking, meeting new people, going to yoga and CrossFit, and relaxing. Vacation is great for me especially when I can relax.
  • Apply for 5 jobs. There were few job openings, but that's no excuse. I've let the ball drop however, I was fortunate to be taking a long-term sub position starting in May.
April goals
  • Learn in my online class. I didn't learn a whole lot in my last class, but this class is "Special Education Law" and there's a real test at the end.
  • Enjoy spring weather & friends. I have quite an agenda this month possibly. A friend is coming to San Diego from Denver and I may visit my friend in L.A. on two separate weekends this month. I should also take this time to read.
  • Read a book. Also, spend a day doing nothing.
  • Go to CrossFit 4 times per week. Gotta get my money's worth and get stronger! I love it and want to do more.
  • Go to yoga 2 times per week. I bought a CorePower Yoga deal. Secondly, I've pretty much given up cardio at this point and it hasn't been a big deal. You know what else hasn't been a big deal? My weight. I've struggled over the last few years, but I realized that I've been at the same weight for almost a year now!
  • Buy and wear cuter clothes. As I mentioned above, my weight hasn't quite changed. My body has - my arms are huge right now - but I've leveled out for the most part. I need to invest in some teaching clothes and stop wearing my mom's.
  • Keep budgeting! So I forgot that I have to student teach and it'll be a rough 3 months. :(
Our gym is holding a MARVELOUS Team Paleo Challenge. My partner took a couple days off for baseball games, but I continued to eat Paleo.

Tuesday: black coffee, which thankfully is the only kind I drink, and oatmeal minus the oats

Wednesday: my pancake did not stay in pancake shape

Chicken tenders in salsa verde, but the salsa was too watery

Thursday: sweet potato half with coconut butter & chicken sausage

Sardines & avocado. Could've used some salt.

Friday: I'm crazy for nuts and dried fruit. In moderation of course.

Simplest almond flour pancakes made with

San Diego after work on Friday

View of San Diego from La Jolla

Awesome cardio hike up these makeshift stairs.

I was overly dressed for this nude beach we stumbled upon in La Jolla. Who knew?!

Beers at Hillcrest Brewing. I got one of the flights but got served the wrong one so our server brought me the right ones too.

Not Paleo. Shhh. 

I didn't get home until 2 A.M. and I quickly plopped into bed.

Of course I missed Saturday morning boot camp.

Paleo bread with chicken sausage and strawberries

Baked sweet potato chips

Have you tried Paleo or Whole30? I haven't tried Whole30, but it seems similar to Paleo.
What are your April goals?

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