Friday, April 19, 2013

High Five Friday: Productive Paleo

HIGH FIVE for faux-co-roons. Yep, still eating Paleo over here and trying to get creative.

Snacks: veggies, fruits, and nuts

I look forward to sweet potato chili fries.

Paleo pumpkin pancakes from Practical Paleo and some black coffee

Carrots and leftover orange chicken

New yoga mat 50% off. It's not much longer than my old one.

Bruises of the day: Kettlebell bruise. Box jump bruise.

HIGH FIVE for my best recipe yet! This garnered a ton of love. I wrapped a slice of turkey bacon around a sweet potato medallion, secured it with a toothpick, and then put a slice of avocado on top. I placed it on top of foil, wrapped up the sides of the foil, and then cracked an egg inside.

The above idea came from bacon-wrapped egg muffins.

Last day at work and the perfect card because it's green!

Adjusted my flight to the Blend Retreat for my new and upcoming job assignment. I'll miss the Friday night cocktail party, but I still get to go!

Out of meat. Picked up ground chicken and grass fed beef. I made chicken tandoori burgers sans bun.

HIGH FIVE for llamas?! These were at my job. They're so darn cute. I want one!

HIGH FIVE for getting work and homework done at my job.

HIGH FIVE for going to yoga after a 9 hours of work and rocking "standing head to knee." I love balance poses.
HIGH FIVE for successfully making delicious paleo pumpkin muffins! The recipe is from Balanced Bites/Northwest Cavegirls.


  1. OMG LOVEEEE! I especially love those Chicken Burgers (about to check out the recipe, lol) and I ADORE ADORE Pumpkin Pancakes! I just ate dinner but I could totally go for some right now!

    1. Sadly these pumpkin pancakes aren't the best since they're Paleo. :( I like to add some Greek yogurt or cottage cheese to fluff it up. Also, totally difficult to buy canned pumpkin right now.