Monday, June 17, 2013

MIMM: Kick off to summer

A few months ago, I couldn't get upside down even. Now check me out. I did this before going to a beach bonfire and wasn't very warmed up.

Marvelous and one of my favorites thus far!

My cousin and I headed to a big beach bonfire on Saturday. I haven't been to one since high school! Yes, we live less than 10 minutes from the beach and hardly go. No one goes in the water by the way - it's gross.

There was food and a ukelele jam session before a few of us headed to downtown Huntington Beach. We started at Fred's Mexican Cantina

Our group slowly expanded to 20 people!

Rolling deep at Fred's Mexican Cantina

We headed to Gallagher's Irish Pub after seeing the long line at Hurricane's

Have you ever seen 2 Cambodians do an Irish river dance? Most marvelous moment of the night.

I ended up getting into 2nd Floor but the rest of our group did not. It was packed and there was decent music to dance to. Eventually though, we headed back to Fred's to meet up with everyone else and created our own dance floor. I drag quite a few people onto the makeshift floor.

I met these marvelous Cambodians, the three guys on the right, last weekend at a birthday party. Now we're all basically BFFs.

I woke up and took my uncle to Father's Day brunch.

My mom went too. I'm not enjoying my shorter hair.

Oh yes, and Happy Father's Day to a marvelous dad, mine, who is overseas right now.

So it looks like the beginnings of a good summer and there's more to come!:

  • Fully starting my summer job or should I say "summer camp?"
  • Seeing "Superman" Thursday night? I never ever see movies at the theater.
  • Andrew coming to visit my neck of the woods the first weekend of July
  • Turning 26 in July!
  • Return of "MasterChef" and "Pretty Little Liars" - yes, this gets me excited
Work begins tomorrow bright and early at 7 A.M.! I was hoping it would be later to finally go back to CrossFit in the morning. I'll try to go after work. 

I haven't CrossFitted for 3 weeks now?! I may be over it (?) and back into yoga for the time being. That and I want to go hiking.

What's marvelous in your Monday? What's not marvelous is that I forgot to apply for a job and the deadline was at 5 P.M. on Sunday. :( :( :( Must redeem myself and pray that the other social studies position opens up to the public.

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