Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WIAW: Getting my [Halloween] act together

So here's the update: my calf has been so sore that I've had trouble walking for 2 days! :( I did a little bit of working out but not much - I think it's a pulled muscle and will rest it/I'm a little lazy. I did manage jump squats though.

Onto some food:

I finally tried the Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar and it's one of my favorites!

Big Lots had no sugar Illy coffee, which I mixed with almond milk and stevia in an empty jar.

I never even thought of using buffalo wing sauce in my chicken. Spicy but perfect!

...and the Halloween snippet:

I finally got around to doing my nails for Halloween. I love the blood splatter!

My little cousin is all ready in her outfit for school tomorrow.

Here's my school appropriate costume:
I'll take dots and the ghosts on myself and hang Pac [wo]man on my neck.

Do you wear costumes to work? If so, what are you wearing?

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